Voucher Liquid Tool AnalysisVoucher for a free Liquid Tool analysis.

Optimize your production processes.

Let us show you that productivity, economic efficiency and process stability are factors that critically depend on the choice and the quality of your metalworking fluid.

Profit from our free Liquid Tool analysis

  1. Comprehensive audit: Our machining experts analyze your production processes and requirements together with you on site.
  2. Audit report: We give you a status report of your production and highlight potential improvement areas.
  3. Reality check: We run free tests in your production environment to prove that our proposed improvements can be reached.

Your benefits

  • Higher productivity / lower costs per part
  • Reliable and stable processes
  • Safe working environment
  • Personal support by our machining experts

Check-out our proofen Liquid Tool approach

GKN: Americas – Produce more in less time
Medartis: Europe – Productivity boost

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