Refractometer NeuRefractormeter ATAGO

The devices are used for easy and fast concentration measurements of water-miscible cutting fluids  and are available as manual or digital versions. Depending on the application, it is possible to select the hand refractometer with the corresponding reading range. All units can be easily calibrated with clean water (=0 Brix). Broken cover glasses of the hand refractometers can be ordered as spare parts and easily exchanged. 

Blaser Swisslube – Refractometer

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Atago-Master M (till 33 Brix):

Atago-Master 20 (till 20 Brix):

Atago-Master 10 (till 10 Brix):

Atago Digital PAL-1 (Brix 0.0 bis 53.0%):

We have decided to replace the current digital refractometer PR-32α with the new type PAL-1. The new device is smaller and very easy to use. In a few seconds the Brix and the temperature of the coolant is displayed. It can be used for measuring water-soluble coolants and alkaline cleaning liquids.

Cover slip to Atago Master M Serie (spare part):

Includes cover glas, hinge pin and installation tool.

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