Fluid Extractor Neu Fluid Extractor

The Fluid Extractor is used to skim floating residues (e.g. tramp oil, chips, etc.) and to aspirate metalworking fluid in machines and containers. The pneumatic suction unit and the hose are installed on a standard 208 l drum. The hose and the suction nozzle ensure efficient aspiration out of machines and extraction of metal chips. The suction unit functions without electricity, using only compressed air. A reversing lever at the unit allows switching between suction and pressure mode. An overflow security protection prevents the drum to spill in suction mode. Thanks to its convenient size and features, the unit is handy and easy to operate. A standard compressed air connection (6-10 bar) and an intact 208 l drum are required for operation.

Blaser Swisslube - Fluid Extractor

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Spare parts for the Fluid Extractor

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Hose with pipe coupling on both sides:

Suction pipe:

Aluminum suction tube to hose.

Flat seal Kamlok NBR 1 1/2":

Replacement seal for pipe elbow 90°

Elbow 90° with hose connection:

Incl. flat seal Kamlok.

Counter piece to elbow 90°:


It is mandatory to replace the nozzle according to instructions.

Immersion pipe:

Immersion pipe 50 mm x 980 mm.

Switching valve body:

Blue housing to switching valve.

Switching valve kit:

Switching valve complete incl. M5x60 cylinder head screws.

Back pressure valve kit:

Back pressure valve complete for air pressure ON/OFF.

Base body kit:

Lower part of aluminum housing incl. drum connection.

Floater kit:

Floater for base body kit.

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