Blasospark GT 250"My clear choice sinker EDM oil."

Blasospark GT 250 – Synthetic paraffin oil based on gas-to-liquid technology

Roger Baumgartner, General Manager, ANB Boumi AG, Switzerland

Ultra-modern dielectric fluid for the die & mold industry*

Synthetic paraffin oil based on gas-to-liquid technology

  • Ensures easy-to-clean workpieces with a high surface finish
  • Colorless for a clear view of the machining process 
  • Odorless thanks to low contents in sulphur, olefin and aromatics 
  • Gentle to the skin, with low evaporation and high flashpoint

*Also suitable for EDM applications in other industries and for further electrode materials.


Average viscosity for universal use

  • For roughing and finishing EDM
  • For copper and graphite electrodes

Color- and odorless fluid that is gentle to the skin

For both copper and graphite electrodes*

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