Blasogrind GTM 10"A true multi-talent."

Blasogrind GTM 10 – one grinding oil for all major cutting tool materials

Elizabeth Fischer, R&D Chemist and Simon Stalder, Grinding Specialist, Blaser Swisslube AG
Simon Stalder, Grinding Specialist and Elizabeth Fischer, R&D Chemist, Blaser Swisslube AG

One grinding oil for all major cutting tool materials

  • Performance-optimized formulation
  • Optimal cooling thanks to fast air release, preventing microcracks and allowing for smaller coolant tanks
  • Good wetting and rinsing behavior for easy-to-clean workpieces and safe coating
  • Colorless and transparent for a clear view of the grinding process
  • Odorless for a pleasant working environment
  • Good machine/polymer compatibility and filterability
  • For individually filled machines and central systems

Best for grinding and re-grinding of cutting tools

  • Can be used for a variety of materials such as carbide, HSS, steel and cermet
  • Ensures high feed rates, long dressing intervals and excellent surface quality
  • Also suitable for other grinding applications

High-speed steel HSS

Blaser Swisslube - High-speed steel HSS
No burn marks, minimal burrs

Tungsten carbide

Blaser Swisslube - Tungsten carbide
No microcracks, no cobalt leaching

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