Your benefitsThe Blaser coolant solution
saves you time and money

Blaser metalworking fluids are more than just an aid to machining parts. 
The Liquid Tool saves time and money – without harming humans and the environment.

Greater productivity

We let you produce more parts in a given time. And how do we do that? By optimizing the machining process and using our long-term stable cutting fluid to enable higher speeds, feed and machining rates as well as longer tool life.

Maximum safety

Our cutting fluids are very well tolerated and user-friendly. They comply with the highest workplace safety standards. The result is fewer health-related issues and greater employee motivation.

Process dependability

We help to keep your production running smoothly, by stabilizing your processes and preventively identifying potential interferences. This results in greater machine availability, which enables better production planning.

First class machining quality

We help you produce at better quality with less fluctuation. The result is consistently high surface quality, greater precision, and more constant quality. That means less reworking outlay and fewer rejects.

Better cost-effectiveness

We help you produce more economically and save manufacturing costs accordingly. We cut your tooling costs by reducing wear to extend tool life. The long service life of our cutting fluids significantly reduces machine cleaning outlay and waste disposal costs. Machine availability and labour deployment efficiency are thereby improved. 

For over 80 years our products have benefited customers with decisive value-added.

Marc Blaser
Marc BlaserCEO
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