New machine and toolsGet the most out of your investment.

Our machining experts help you fully capitalize on the potential of your machines and tools and turn your metalworking fluid into a key success factor – a Liquid Tool.

Profit from our initial fill offer

  1. Comprehensive analysis: Our machining experts analyze your production processes and requirements together with you on site.
  2. Improvement suggestions: We give you a status report and highlight potential improvement areas.
  3. Reality check: We run tests in your production environment if required.
  4. Your added value: We make a customized offer to help you reach your goals. 
    - Lower total costs 
    - Longer tool and sump life 
    - Shorter cycle time 
    - Stable processes 
    - Safe working environment 
    - Eco-friendly production


Test us. It’s worth it.

Request an analysis of your production processes and turn your metalworking fluid into a Liquid Tool.

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