Water-miscible coolantsWater-miscible coolants

Blaser products at a glance – cost-effective coverage of all applications.


Our well-balanced product range offers you the following advantages:

  • Excellent human and environmental compatibility
  • Optimal cooling and lubrication
  • Optimal machining and grinding performance
  • Minimal consumption
  • Outstandingly good flushing and cleaning
  • High long-term stability and robustness
  • Optimal removal of foreign oil
  • Optimal machine compatibility
  • Free of bactericide and boron
  • Excellent human and environmental compatibility
  • High performance thanks to well-proven additive technology
  • Finely dispersed oil-in-water emulsions thanks to modern technology
  • Universal cutting fluid for nearly all machining operations, materials and water qualities in diverse climates
  • Robust
  • Emergency running properties
  • Outstanding performance thanks to natural oil molecule polarity
  • Resistant to high pressures & temperatures thanks to compact lubrication film
  • Ideal for high-tensile / tough steels und titanium
  • Natural raw materials
  • Good resistance to microorganism growth
  • Keeps machine clean
  • Low rate of concentration adjustment
  • Mineral oil free
  • Keeps grinding disks sharp 
  • Ideal for light grinding applications such as reciprocating grinding
  • Effective corrosion protection
  • Mineral oil free
  • Stable against high-pressure applications and extremely high cutting speeds 
  • Non-foaming in hard and soft water
  • Suitable for medium to high removal rates
  • Easy handling
  • High yield and process stability
  • Minimized cost of ownership
  • Compliance with COD targets
  • Advanced machine and wafer cleanability
  • Traceless cleansing of coolant in preparation for texturization
  • No foaming (no defoamer required)
  • Compatible with next generation processes (e.g. reduction of wire diameter or wafer thickness, increased throughput)

To continue marketing groundbreaking innovations in future, Blaser Swisslube has a highly qualified state-of-the-art R&D department.

Dr. Martin Manikowski
Dr. Martin ManikowskiGlobal Head of Research and Development


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Water-miscible coolants
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