Our Environmental Policy Our Environmental Policy

For more than eight decades now, we have been reputed for dependable first-class products that are human-compatible and environment-considerate.

Blaser Swisslube takes environmental protection extremely seriously while conducting its day-to-day business. We realise that our activities have an impact on our environment. It is therefore our duty to minimise that impact in keeping with our financial and technical means and with the help of carefully planned and efficient resource-saving processes. Our responsibility in dealing with the environment and resources requires us to determine and evaluate the environmental aspects concerned and to meet the identified environmental targets and programmes, as well as to check them using measurable criteria.

In light of our shared responsibility towards people and the environment, we strive to improve our environmental performance and to reduce our impact on the environment accordingly. Environmental impacts should be avoided or reduced where economically viable and whenever possible from a technical and an organisational standpoint.

In the process, we will naturally meet the applicable legal, ethical and statutory provisions as well as comply with or even exceed our own environmental criteria.

We provide information and organise trainings to promote environmental awareness among our employees inside and outside of our company.

Continually improving our environmental performance is a prerequisite over the medium and long term for effectively reducing costs and making a significant contribution to protecting the environment.


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