Mini-Jetmix Neu Mini-Jetmix

The Mini-Jetmix is the ideal mixing device for preparing homogeneous and finely dispersed emulsions of cutting fluid concentrate in water. Correct preparation is preconditional for ongoing emulsion stability.  
Capacity at 6 bar water pressure:  960 litres per hour

Blaser Swisslube – Mini-Jetmix Mixing Device
Blaser Swisslube – Mini-Jetmix Mixing Device

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Accessories and spare parts for the Mini-Jetmix

Are you looking for an accessory or spare part for your Mini-Jetmix? No problem. Ask us for a quote. Just select your items, fill in the form below and will get back to you with an offer. 

Water meter (accessory):

To measure the water consumption by mounting it in front of the water connection.

Drum key (accessory):

Making it easier to open the "drum" openings.

Drum level indicator (accessory):

A reliable level indicator for all standard 208-liter-drums.

Telescopic tube kit (spare part):

Including telescopic tube and clamping part.

Fine adjustment angle valve R3/8" with scale (spare part):

Can be replaced without difficulty, allowing you to adjust the concentration again without any issues.

Clamping for immersion pipe (spare part):

Including the clamping part only, without immersion tube

"Nozzle" kit (spare part):

Including nozzle, nozzle body and O-ring.

Water handle kit "EU" (spare part):

This set includes all parts to repair the water handle.

Housing (spare part):

Including only the blue housing, no other parts.

Plastic pipe elbow 3/4" 45 degree (spare part):

Replacement plastic pipe elbow for the outlet.

Hose kit (spare part):

Replacement hose with hook and hose clamp.

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Handling and care of water-miscible coolants
Mini-Jetmix - Assembly- and service-manual
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