Our know-how / Process safety ensured: coolant life extended to seven years Process safety ensured: coolant life extended to seven years 

In 2012, Global Castings (Tianjin) and Blaser Swisslube started to cooperate. The goals of the client, a leading component supplier for the wind turbine industry, were to establish a stable coolant solution without workpiece or machine corrosion issues, as well as reducing coolant costs. After a thorough analysis, the Blaser experts proposed a change to the metalworking fluid B-Cool 9665. The results were outstanding: The coolant life has been extended to more than seven years, the annual coolant consumption was reduced by 20%.

The Global Castings (Tianjin) Co., Ltd is a leading component supplier for the wind turbine industry. The company mainly focuses on the production of large cast products for the on- and off-shore markets including CNC machining and metal finishing as well as subassembly. The history of Global Castings is made up of Scandinavian and German companies focused on iron castings and machining. The machining division originates from Vestas Wind Sytems A/S and was created in the 1970s. Today, the enterprise runs three foundries and three surface treatment facilities in Europe and China. In the production facility in Tianjin, Global Castings mainly manufactures hubs, base frames, shafts and bearing housings on various machines.

In 2012, the cooperation between Global Castings Tianjin and Blaser Swisslube started. Mr. Tianwei Xu, Maintenance Manager of Global Castings in Tianjin: “Our main goal was to realise a stable coolant solution, without corrosion problems at the workpiece or the machines. At the same time we aimed to reduce overall coolant costs.”

Liquid Tool has a big impact

In order to choose the right coolant, the Blaser experts needed to evaluate all production processes. Many factors play a role: the tools and machines, the processed materials, the characteristics of the water and the workshop environment. Through the know-how of the Blaser experts around the globe, and thanks to the high-tech laboratories and the Technology Center in Switzerland, the specialists are able to chose the perfect metalworking fluid for each situation. “With the correct choice of the metalworking fluid, all other factors – productivity, tool life, surface quality – can be influenced in a very positive way”, says David Liu, Central Asia Managing Director at Blaser Swisslube.

B-Cool 9665 in action

Excellent corrosion protection

After the analysis of the Global Castings production processes, the Blaser experts recommended to use the coolant B-Cool 9665. B-Cool 9665 is a water miscible, chlorine free, low mineral oil containing semi-synthetic cutting fluid. Its characteristics include a high cutting performance, low foaming behaviour, outstanding emulsion stability, excellent corrosion protection and low consumption.

Outstanding results

B-Cool 9665 proved these characteristics when tested in the Global Castings production. Since the initial filling in 2012, the emulsion is stable and has helped to eliminate workpiece and machine corrosion problems. The coolant life has been extended to more than seven years. “By eliminating corrosion issues, bacteria and unpleasant odor, the whole process and workplace safety was optimised. Furthermore, we were able to reduce the annual coolant consumption by 20%, cutting coolant costs”, adds Mr. Xu.

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