Our solutionsThe Liquid Tool – your key to profitability

We make your machining more profitable. With our accumulated know-how covering all machining demands and situations, we set the highest standards for the quality of our products, the expertise of our specialists, and the dependability of our customized services.

Our product lines

To recommend the optimal product for your application, we have to know your machining process and cutting fluid requirements. Please contact us: our specialists will gladly advise you.

Water-miscible coolants

Cutting oils and Grinding oils

Minimal Quantity Lubrication (MQL)

The unique Blasocut bio-concept

Blasocut metalworking fluids are well proven for over 40 years thanks to the unique bio-concept: bactericide-free and boron-free among other advantages. Our bio-concept products are outstandingly compatible both for humans and the environment.

Our services

Our services provide the conditions for optimal cutting fluid results.

Additional services

We can do a lot more for you. If needed, just call us for process consulting, customised fluid management, supplementary logistics services, recycling and waste disposal support.

Blaser metalworking fluids are a Liquid Tool thanks to our competent consulting and customised service.

Markus Kühni
Markus KühniGlobal Head of Customer Service


Handling and care of water-miscible coolant
Our Commitment – the Liquid Tool
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