Jetmix Neu Jetmix

The Jetmix is the ideal mixing device for preparing homogeneous and finely dispersed emulsions of cutting fluid concentrate in water. Correct preparation is preconditional for ongoing emulsion stability. Capacity at 6 bar water pressure: 1‘800 liters per hour.

Blaser Swisslube - Jetmix mixing device
Blaser Swisslube - Jetmix mixing device

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Accessories and spare parts for the Jetmix

Are you looking for an accessory or spare part for your Jetmix? No problem. Ask us for a quote. Just select your items, fill in the form below and we will get back to you with an quote. 

Water meter (accessory):

To measure the water consumption by mounting it in front of the water connection.

Hose connection set (accessory):

Primarily used for the wall mounting kit.

Tube ventilation valve (accessory):

Used to prevent emulsion from being pushed back into the water line

IBC mounting kit (accessory):

With this set you can connect the Jetmix to the IBC container.

Drum key (accessory):

Making it easier to open the "drum" openings

Drum level indicator (accessory):

A reliable level indicator for all standard 208-liter-drums

Wall mounting kit (accessory):

The wall mounting kit will allow you to mount the Jetmix on the wall

Locking device (accessory):

The locking device will make sure that the set concentration on the device can't be changed

Check valve (accessory):

The check valve prevents the emulsion from flowing back into the drum

"Housing" kit (spare part):

In addition to the housings, cylindrical pins, heavy-duty dowel pins, sealing cap and backflow preventer are supplied as well

Hose kit (spare part):

Replacement hose with hook and hose clam

Water controller lever kit (spare part):

This set includes all parts to repair the water handle

"Nozzle" kit (spare part):

Including nozzle, nozzle body, distance sleeve and 2xO-ring

Ball kit (spare part):

Including all parts to replace the balls to mix the emulsion correctly (O-rings, seals, etc.)

Gasket kit (spare part):

Including all O-rings and seals needed in the Jetmix

Suction system, drum mounting, complete (spare part):

Including suction pipe, measuring lance and flange

Manometer 0-10 bar (spare part):

Spare pressure gauge

Flange and star knob (spare part):

Including flange and star grip to suction pipe

Backflow preventer IO 020 (spare part):

Replacement backflow preventer for the small blue housing, water side

Pipe elbow G 1" (spare part):

Replacement plastic elbow at the outlet

Outlet hose with outlet spout (spare part):

Is supplied as a standard with the new Jetmix, the set can be easly installed on the existing units in the field, no additional parts are needed

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Handling and care of water-miscible coolants
Jetmix - Cleaning of the nozzle
Jetmix - Drum mounted
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