Grindex S 35"Still ready."

Grindex S 35 – Ensures stable processes and high repeatability.

Stefan Kunz, Grinding Specialist, Rychiger AG, Switzerland

Ensures stable processes and high repeatability

  • Keeps machines and workpieces clean thanks to excellent rinsing behavior and filterability
  • Doesn’t foam even in high-pressure systems
  • Crystal clear for a clear view of the machining process 
  • Gentle to people and the environment*

*Free of critical substances such as boron and formaldehyde as well as chlorinated and sulfurous EP additives

Water-miscible oil-free grinding fluid with a neutral pH

  • For grinding steel, stainless steel, hardened steel and ceramics
  • Variable concentration 4-7%
  • For use in soft (<8°dH) or DI/RO or otherwise demineralized water

For a variety of grinding applications

Cylindrical grinding (picture shows Studer machine)
Centerless grinding (picture shows Tschudin proLine 400)
Surface grinding (picture shows Blohm machine)

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Grindex S 35 - "Still ready."
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