Our know-how / 20 years of sump life – and still going strong! 20 years of sump life – and still going strong!

The Blaser coolant Blasocut 4000 Strong has a sump life of over 20 years now! It all begun in 1998 when Tata Motors in Pune was looking for a high-quality metalworking fluid. Now Punit Gupta, Managing Director of Blaser Swisslube India, is looking back on a long-lasting success story and is heading for the next 20 years.

How it all started

Tata is a market leader and pioneer in making commercial vehicles like Trucks for ages. In 1998, they decided to enter the passenger car market with their Indica car. For their car production, the plant in Pune was investing in high-performance technology for aluminum machining. Thus, they were looking for competent partners. Their main requirement was a high-performance material removal and also using a very good coolant system. After thorough research, it was decided by Tata to start a partnership with Blaser Swisslube. This defined the beginning of Blaser Swisslube India, followed by the founding of a subsidiary, Blaser Swisslube India in 2001.

At the beginning of this partnership, Mr. Hans Niederhaueser (now Retd. Sales Manager) from Blaser Swisslube Switzerland came to India to personally fill the central system. “I still remember how it all started. I flew to India in May 1998 to fill the central system with 80’000 liters of our Blasocut 4000 Strong. I am very happy to see that the emulsion is still stable and running smoothly for 20 years now. By avoiding a huge quantity of coolant disposal from the last 20 years, the contribution to the greener planet is priceless,”, says Hans.

Our retired Sales Manager Hans Niederhaeuser personally filled the central system at Tata Motors in Pune with Blasocut 4000 Strong. 

The Blasocut Bio-Concept for a greener Planet

Blasocut 4000 Strong is a coolant out of the Blasocut line. The Blasocut products have an excellent human and environmental compatibility. The technology has been able to contribute to the robust process of machining, high productivity, and better machining quality. In today's manufacturing world, it has become a global requirement for all manufacturing industries to contribute towards a Green Planet. There is a high level of awareness about the ill effects brought in by many factors of industrialization. Sustainable technologies like the Blaser Swisslube Bio-Concept work in perfect harmony with nature. With the Blasocut Bio-Concept, emulsions need no tank side addition of bactericides. They stay inherently biologically stable. These emulsions have a unique way of maintaining the long-term bio-stability of metalworking fluid emulsions. The Bio-Concept uses an age-old law of nature whereby bacteria normally colonize aqueous media immediately. To keep the emulsions stable, deliberately foster this by creating ideal conditions for harmless primary bacteria. These bacteria, also present in drinking water, build up a naturally stable biotope where undesirable bacteria have no chance of propagating.

Blaser microbiology lab
Blaser microbiology lab technician at work

A happy Blaser customer is our goal

“A happy customer is our main goal. At Tata Motors in Pune, the emulsion Blasocut 4000 Strong is still running great. The Tata Motors' passenger vehicles plant in Pune is one of the most advanced manufacturing facilities in India. The facility has introduced many popular models like Indica, Indigo, Marina, Vista Manza, Zest, Bolt, and Nexon. Our specialists are checking and monitoring the emulsion on a regular basis to control the vital parameters like pH, emulsion concentration and many more. We offer each customer a tailored monitoring plan for their central systems. Customers like Tata not only want a cutting fluid, but also are looking for a competent and dependable partner to help organize and optimize their machine processes. With our committed team, we provide this partnership. The partnership with Tata for instance, contributed to the robust process of machining, high productivity and better machining quality. The collaboration of 20 years is a result of trust and strong commitment from both sides, to deliver the best to the industry, environment and safety” says Punit Gupta, Managing Director of Blaser Swisslube India.

“Our people are always very excited to work with customers in exploring the possibility to exploit the full potential of machines and tools in the manufacturing process. Productivity, economic efficiency, and machining quality are factors that critically depend on the choice and the quality of the metalworking fluid. With us, as a partner you will get the Liquid Tool: the right coolant for your application, correctly used and monitored with on-site support by our specialists” closes Punit Gupta.

Customers like Tata do not just want a cutting fluid but are also looking for a competent and dependable partner to help organize and optimize their machine processes. With our committed team, we provide this partnership. The collaboration of 20 years is a result of trust and strong commitment from boths ides to deliver the best and safest to the industry and the environment.

Punit Gupta
Punit GuptaManaging Director, Blaser Swisslube India

Glimpse – Technology Centre in Switzerland

In 2011 Blaser Swisslube has extended its ultra-modern Technology Centre, which now occupies about 300 m2 of floor space at its Head Office site in Hasle-Rüegsau (Switzerland). This is where the  latest metalworking fluids to be developed are tested, and where the versatile machining operations  of its customers and partners are recreated in a realistic way. The Technology Centre enables the machining specialists from Blaser to provide customers with cutting and grinding fluids that deliver an effective form of added value. Test results provide convincing evidence.

Technology Center of Blaser Swisslube in Switzerland

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The Blaser coolant Blasocut 4000 Strong has a sump life of over 20 years now!
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