How we proceedSteps to the right cutting fluid solution

From the Liquid Tool analysis to greater productivity

Every customer's situation is unique. That is why Blaser Swisslube cutting fluids are not sold off the shelf. By first determining the customer's situation, we set the foundations for successful cooperation. We examine your situation for potential improvements and help you realize them to the full.

The Liquid Tool analysis

Before we recommend a metalworking fluid, our specialists analyse your machining process, situational conditions, and your expectations and requirements of our product.

Recommendation and value proposal

Based on the situational analysis results, we work out a customized offer for products and services to meet your requirements and reach your improvement goals.

Proven value-added of our Liquid Tool

We have developed our own instrument, the Liquid Tool Analyzer, to verify the value-added of our proposal. This forms our basis for further action – either on the respective process alone, or as you choose.

Testing before resting

We test the recommended metalworking fluid in operation to verify our value-added estimate.

Changing over to our Liquid Tool

After you decide for our Liquid Tool, we help you implement it efficiently to make sure you benefit from the advantages without delay.

Check on target attainment

To be sure that the promised value-added is consistently reached during operation, we regularly compare target values with actual measurements. You will receive optimization proposals from our specialists if necessary.

Operator training and support

We train your operators in handling our cutting fluids, support you with monitoring plans and instructions – and with our four decades of experience in the correct handling of cutting fluids.

On-site customer service

In the unlikely event of a problem, our test experts will quickly be with you to solve it professionally.

Serving before earning – my grandfather Willy Blaser's motto as company founder – also means testing before resting.

Marc Blaser
Marc BlaserCEO
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