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With Blaser Swisslube cutting fluids our customers worldwide master a wide variety of manufacturing challenges ranging from the tiniest watch parts to demanding medical technology components, gigantic aircraft structures, and mass production for the automotive industry.

The automotive industry requires above all:

  • Process stability
  • Consistently high workpiece quality
  • Low cost per workpiece
  • Long tool life
  • Long service life and low rate of concentration adjustment to minimize cutting fluid consumption

Medical technology requires above all:

  • Absolute process stability
  • Easy workpiece cleaning
  • Long tool life
  • High surface quality
  • Fine-tuning to subsequent processes

The aerospace industries require above all:

  • Globally available future-enabled solutions, including approvals
  • Superior tool life
  • Process stability
  • High metal removal rates
  • Optimized cycle times
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Our customers in the watch industry require above all:

  • Long service life
  • Perfect surface quality
  • Stain-free machining of nonferrous metals

Thanks to our sulphur-free products, nonferrous metal chips and turnings can be melted down and reutilized without any special treatment. The parts can easily be degreased, and subsequent processes are not affected.

Our customers in the machine tool industry require above all:

  • Good protection against corrosion
  • Optimal machine availability
  • Application-specific products to boost machine-tool capacity

Our customers in the tool manufacturing industry require above all:

  • High surface quality
  • Good machine compatibility and user tolerance
  • High metal removal rates

Our customers in the mixed parts production industry require above all:

  • Universal long-life cutting fluid
  • Easy-to-handle products
  • Short delivery times

Our customers in the energy industry require above all: 

  • Long tool life in the relevant matererials  
  • Good runoff behaviour
  • Emulsion stability
  • Total dependability
  • Efficient service

Our customers in the photovoltaics and semiconductor industries require above all:

  • High cutting performance
  • Excellent cutting quality
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Easy to clean wafers
  • High process stability
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