Special offer Small GroupsSpecial offer for Academy Small Groups

TITANS of CNC knows the importance of the right coolant. In their Coolant 101 tutorials  you can learn about the importance of water quality, how to mix and monitor your coolant, the many different types of coolant, and much more. 


Save up to $1500 with this special offer so that you can put into practice what TITANS of CNC shows you in their tutorials.

Liquid Tool Starter & Maintenance kit for $567
Blaser Minimix for precise mixing of coolant
+ free water and Liquid Tool analysis
+ free Atago refractometer
+ free pH-test kit
Additionally, receive 50% discount on first coolant purchase (limit 1 drum).

For Academy Small Groups that already rely on the Liquid Tool from Blaser Swisslube, offer is valid for a 50% discount on a Blaser Minimix.*

*Offer valid for Academy Small Group Hosts in North and South  America via local participating Blaser Distributors.

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I would like to benefit from the exclusive Liquid Tool Starter & Maintenance kit for TITANS of CNC : Academy Small Groups.*

« There are many variables when it comes to advanced CNC machining. Your coolant is key to increased productivity! »

Titan Gilroy 

Coolant 101 tutorials
Learn more about the importance of the right coolant on TITANS of CNC: Academy



Special offer for Academy Small Groups
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