Blaser Swisslube at CMTS 2019Produce more in less time.

You're making a big investment in high-performance machine tools for your shop. Don't forget that productivity, economic efficiency and finish quality of those same machines is affected by your metalworking fluid.

With our profound know-how and experience, customized services and excellent products, we help you fully capitalize on the potential of your machines and tools and turn your metalworking fluid into a key success factor – a Liquid Tool.

Add Blaser to your CMTS agenda and visit our booth #2063. Spend a few minutes with our experts to find out how they can help you save time, improve quality, and optimize your machine investment.

“The best coolant I’ve ever used. My guys love it.”

Titan Gilroy from TITANS of CNC switched all his machines to Synergy 735: “It’s so clear – it looks just like water.” The crystal-clear, water-miscible and oil-free fluid leaves spotless surfaces that are easy to clean. It has no odor, and is gentle on people and the environment.

Find out more about Titan's clear choice at our booth #2063.

“I can’t see a single bubble.”

Blasogrind GTC 7 is a new peak-performance grinding oil delivering unmatched air release for optimal cooling and prevention of microcracks in tools. It is colorless and odorless for a clear view of the grinding process and a pleasant working environment.

Find out more about Blasogrind GTC 7 at our booth #2063.

"Too good to be true."

Our Blasogrind GTS 15 allows for a significant shift of the grinding burn limit and thus higher feed rates, increased material removal rates and reduced scrap rates.

Find out more about Blasogrind GTS 15 at our booth #2063.

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